TMS Diagnostics

We have access to a wide range of diagnotic tools, including the world-acclaimed TMS suite. A brief explantation of some the TMS profiles are below. Click on any of the images to view an enlarged version.

Team Management Profile

- Powerful, valid, insightful & accurate
- Individual Feedback
- Work Preferences
- EQ characteristics
- Individuals & Teams
- Organisations
- 208 profile sets
- Simple online process

Learning Skills Profile

- Individual 360° feedback
- Gap analysis (what should occur vs what does occur)
- Identifies satisfaction with and importance of 13 skills
- Identification done from the raters' perspectives
- Applied in leadership development programmes (emerging & senior)

Strategic Team Development Profile

- Framework for aspiring high-performance teams
- Profiles the team
- Shows key strengths & limitations
- Incorporates real-time organisation projects
- 360 degree profile
- Online processing
- Accurate and powerful
- Universal applicability